For Christians

Islam for christians

Islamforchristians intends to be a main informative online source of knowledge about the true message of prophet Jesus and how Muslims view him. The site will tackle the common grounds between Islam and Christianity, the ethics and values of Islam compared to those of Christianity, the biblical prophecies about Prophet Muhammad, and Islam views the way to true salvation.

For Atheists

Atheists Website aspires to be a unique, reliable refuge and online source of information regarding the truth of the creation, the Creator Allah and His existence, and the purpose of life. To achieve this, Truth Seeker will tackle signs and miracles in the universe that constitute logical and scientific proofs of the existence of the One and Only God—Allah.

For Hindus

Hindus intends to be one of the main online sources of information about Hindu-Muslim interaction. Islamforhindus endeavors to convey the message of Islam to the Hindu community in comparison with the principles of Hinduism in various religious issues.

General Non-Muslims

the-faith presents Islam to general non-Muslims with their different backgrounds. It offers information about the basics of Islam, the two main sources of Islam (Qur'an and Sunnah), what non-Muslims say about Islam, and how Islam views contemporary issues such as women's rights, human rights, environmental issues, politics, economic issues, etc.

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